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What is Renewable Energy ?
The Power/Energy generated through Natural resources viz: Solar (Sun Radiations), Wind, etc. is called Renewable Energy, wherein we are harnessing God’s gift available abundantly and free of cost.

  Important Information on Solar Water Heating System.

What is Solar Water Heating System ?
This is a natural source of heating Water without using wood, electricity, gas, etc. and can be driven / used by the Users for years to come without incurring expenses to electricity bills.

Who can Use it and for What purpose ?
For Domestic Use at 60°C – Bathing, Cooking & Sterilization
All Individual Row Houses, Bungalows, Societies, Hotels, Hostels, Canteens, Sanitariums, Ashramshalas, Resorts, Lodges, Temple Rest Houses, Govt. Staff Quarters, Training Centers, Defence (Army, Navy & Air-force) Colonies, etc.

For Industrial Use at 80°C – Cleaning, Washing, Cooking, Sterilization & Boiler Feed in Industries viz :-
Dairy –

For Pasteurizing is carried out at 95°C, where Hot Water up to 80°C to 85°C is received through Solar Water Heating System,

For Cleaning the Places/Areas, Tankers, Crates and milk handling equipments – at 70°C milk Bacteria is destroyed.

For Textiles directly available for your Boiler feed and accordingly to your various Processing Machineries viz : Calendaring, Vaporizing, etc.

For Engineering Canteen can use for cooking food, cleaning of canteen area, etc.

From Where I can get such Solar Water Heating System ?
You can get this system from MACHINOCRAFT, who can arrange the manufacturing, installation, testing and commissioning as per your need.  You can visit the Website :, for further details.

How does such a Solar Water Heating System work ?
Your Solar Water Heating System is designed to operate on thremosyphon or natural convection principle. The driving force for circulation in such a system is derived purely from the density difference between hot and cold water. No mechanical or electrical device is used to pump water through the Solar Flat Plate Collector. As the water gets heated it becomes lighter, and so tends to “automatically” rise, and in turn is displaced by the comparatively heavier cold water from the storage tank. The system is designed to facilitate optimal stratification inside the storage tank ensuring the efficiency of the system. The bottom of the hot water tank should be at least 30 cms. higher then the collector. The cold water storage tank must be about 2.5 to 3 mtrs. above the base of the Collector. Generally Thermosyphon systems are offered up to capacities of 3000 Liters Per Day.  Above 3000 LPD you can go for Solar Water Heating System working under Force Flow principle, wherein electrical gadgets viz : Pump, Motor, Sensors, Control Panels are added to the Thermosyphon system.

How to use Solar Water Heating System ?
The system design is very simple and User friendly once the User opens the tap, will get hot water, without any fear of getting electric shock or any fear of getting the electric geyser burn out when there is no feed of cold water.

How to Install Solar Water Heating System ?
It is User friendly designed system wherein, any layman can install the said system with the help of a plumber and with the help of our lay out Installation Chart.

Maintenance of Solar Water Heating System ?
This system is having ZERO percent Maintenance and only a dry dusting is required, as per the location and no other maintenance cost is involved.

Can I / We get a loan from bank on Solar Water Heating System ?
Yes, all and any Individual / Societies / Corporate can avail Soft Loan from various Nationalised Banks viz : Bank Of Maharashtra, Canara Bank, Syndicate Bank,  Union Bank Of India, Punjab & Sind Bank, Punjab National Bank, Andhra bank, Vijaya Bank, Dena Bank, Bank Of India, Oriental Bank of Commerce, IREDA, etc. Subject to change as per MNRE / RBI guidelines.

Rate of Interest of Soft Loan :
For Individual         2% p.a.
For Societies          3% p.a.
For Corporates        5% p.a.


Are eligible for 80% Depreciation in the First Financial Year.

Suitable Area to Install Solar Water Heating System  ?
One Solar Flat Plate Collector is measured – 1 mtr. X 2 mtrs. and requires 3 sq. mtrs. Shadow Free South Facing Area. It can be installed on Terrace Roof, Roof Top, Balcony, Window Roof, and to some extend to the ground level also.

How Can I get best value for my Money and how fast can I  get my money back in terms of Pay Back period ?
Your savings will be specific to your circumstances. Generally, all over India there is good sunlight for at least 10 months in a year. Therefore the economics of installing a solar system works out to be very attractive. Compared to the electric geyser, the Solar Water Heating System is cheaper in the long run. Moreover the heating source is sun, which is available all the year round and is free.
A typical system designed for heating 500 Liters of water every day, sufficient for a family of twenty members. But you will end up not paying for hot water for Years to come in future and can Earn handsome money. The Payback period of the amount you have invested will be returned within 3 years of the installation. Such a system can annually save 11500 kg of wood, 1250 liters of kerosene, and 5000 units of electricity.
All MACHINOCRAFT Solar Water Heating System are tested stringently at all check out points and designed User-friendly, helping the system to give utmost output at any given point of location at 60°C giving maximum value to your Money spent on the system and further, you can get back your Money within 2-3 years and thereafter interest on that said Money invested, by way of not spending any amount towards getting hot water.

Last but least, What about the authentication of Solar Water Heating System’s Manufacturer ?
There are several manufacturers of Solar Water Heating System, and one of them is MACHINOCRAFT, a largest manufacturer and installer of  Solar Water Heating Systems.  MACHINOCRAFT, is registered with ISO, B.I.S., M.N.R.E., Various Nodal Agencies and D.G.S.&D. under fixed Rate Contract.