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4. Solar Power Pack : MACHINOCRAFT Solar Power Pack is a complete solution to provide power supply for various activities in Houses, Hotels, Hospitals, Institutes etc.

5. Hoarding / Bill Board Lighting :


6. Solar Cooker : Heavy Duty Solar Cooker In Various Ranges & Specifications.

A Solar Oven or Solar Cooker is a device which uses SUNLIGHT, as its energy source. Because no fossil fuel is used and cost nothing to run. Humanitarian Organizations are promoting their use Worldwide to help slow DEFORESTATION and DESERTIFIATION, caused by using wood as fuel for cooking.  Solar Cookers are also sometimes used in OUTDOOR COOKING, especially in situations where minimum fuel consumption or fire risk are considered highly important.

7. Solar Air Dryer : Many agricultural and industrial products need drying in order to reduce their moisture content for variety of purposes. Solar Dryers are used for drying Fruits, Chemicals products, etc

Types of dryers :

  • Natural circulation Solar Dryer
  • Forced circulation Solar Dryer
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