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MACHINOCRAFT - An ISO 9001-2008 Company harnessing the Future. From a humble beginning over 3 decade ago.

has grown to become one of the largest manufacturing unit of Solar Water Heating Systems.

has given a new dive to the whole concept of solar energy harnessing systems. These systems, previously on by Oline production, are now the chief area of activity and specialization of the concern. This evolution was instituted identifying the enormous need and scope for the manufacturers of alternative energy generation sources in the Indian sub-continent.

The consistent production capacity of over 3000 solar collectors per year has been made possible by our unmatched combination of right people utilizing their potential to the optimum with appropriate equipment under the best and conductive working conditions. The productivity and quality is further enhanced by the use of the latest know-how in the field. The combination of all these can be nothing but the magical returns. Thus, we are able to handle orders for large capacity systems which are executed with profound efficiency by our team.

Our testimony stood high and large when the single most and by far the largest Solar Energy plant came with a gigantic heating capacity of 1,00,000 liters per day having 1200 Collectors, was manufactured and installed by us at a major textile mill in Mumbai. Also, a challenging product for providing hot water for multi-storeyed multi-tenament housing complex where more than 700 Solar Collectors are installed. This is the first venture for providing hot water for large housing complex. This project was appreciated and visited by number of dignitaries - Indian and Oversea.

MACHINOCRAFT's Solar Water Heating Systems are based on Solar Flat Plate Collector Technology. We are proud to state that our Solar Flat Plate Collectors are not only ISI approved but are also tested and approved by Florida Solar Energy Centre, USA.

Solar Water Heating System
for Bhatia Hospital
(Bathing and Laundry Purpose)

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Solar Water Heating System
     for Boiler Feed application at Hindustan Mills, Mumbai

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Solar Water Heating Systems
are proven and cater Hot Water requirement up to 60°C to 80°C for various applications such as Bathing, Washing, Cooking, Utensil Cleaning, for Boiler Feed, Laundry, CIP (Cleaning In Place), Pasteurizing application

Useful for Textile Processing, Dairy, Cosmetic & Pharma, Hotel & Resort, Hospital, Housing, and other industries etc.

Major components in a Solar Water Heating System is Flat Plate Collector, a insulated hot water storage tank which can be fabricated from Mild Steel or Stainless Steel, System Piping, Control Valves like Gate Valve, Non Return Valve, Vent etc.

Basically there are two types of  Solar Water Heating Systems.

  1. Thermosyphon System : Here the hot water is heated on natural convection. These systems are best suited for residential use and at commercial places like Hotels, Hostels etc. where hot water is utilize preferably in morning. These systems have least maintenance and hence preferred. For Thermosyphon systems the cold water supply should be atleast 2 meters above level of solar system installation.
  2. Forced Circulation type : Here, besides regular components, a small monoblock pump, thermostat, temp sensor and control panel consisting of Contactors, Relays, Switches etc . In these type of systems hot water can be utilized throughout the day. Also, hot water at desired temperature can be obtained upto 8O°C. A closed loop system working on Differential Temperature Controller is also a sub-category of Forced Circulation type systems where two sensors arc installed.


  1. Payback are around 2 to 3 years against electrical tariff.
  2. Soft Loan - Government of India through selected Banks, is offering Loan at subsidized Interest,
  3. These systems are subject to 80% depreciation, if soft loan is availed, 80% depreciation is not available.
  4. Direct Subsidy is available through State Nodal Agencies, Govt. of India.
MACHINOCRAFT are also exporting Solar Flat Plate Collectors to various countries.

We have successfully executed a prestigious project at D.S. Kulkarni Developer's 'Raanwara' a huge Residential Complex. Here we have installed several Solar Water Heating Systems over 20 Buildings and 16 Row Houses and the total project capacity was over 105000 liters per day. This is photograph of the Raanwara site.

Our Prestigious Installations of Solar Water Heating Systems

Solar Water Heating System
for Community use (Bathing), at D.S.Kulkarni, Ranwara Soc

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